Eagle Environmental Team

Brad G. Schumacher – President
Brad has over 25 years experience in the environmental construction business and has held many positions such as Project Manager, Business Development and President of Marlin Environmental.  As one of the Co-Founders of Marlin Environmental, Brad led the company to tremendous growth during his 17 years as President.  At its height, Marlin Environmental was the largest and most successful Illinois LUST Fund Consultant in the State of Illinois.  Through the years Brad has amassed many key relationships with people and companies inside the environmental and petroleum industries.  Those relationships have enabled Brad to learn and grow professionally allowing him to once again undertake yet another challenge of starting a new consulting company, Eagle Environmental Consultants.  Brad is involved with every aspect from client proposal and contract negation to managing the day to day operations of a new and growing company however, his true expertise is in helping clients navigate the often complex and ever changing reimbursement process through the Illinois LUST Fund. Brad is a proud graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN

Brian S. Morin – VP of Operations
Mr. Morin has over 30 years of extensive experience on a wide variety of environmental consulting and construction projects. He is an expert in the various phases of locating, investigating, sampling and reporting information relative to the assessments, removal and remediation of underground storage tanks and associated petroleum, contaminated soil and ground water.  In addition, Mr. Morin’s project involvement includes phase I and II environmental site assessments, asbestos, lead-based paint abatement, subsurface evaluations, ground water and contamination assessments, hazardous waste operation, indoor air quality and air-permitting, environmental evaluation, remedial action design, plans and specifications, team project supervision, and client training program.  He holds certifications as an underground storage tank decommissioner in the State of Illinois. Mr. Morin has completed the 40-hour OSHA 1910.120 Hazardous Materials/Waste Site Operations, eight-hour OSHA Site Supervisor’s and Eight-hour refresher courses. 

Tahseen Qureshi – Sr. Project Manager
Senior project manager and engineer with extensive experience leading the design and completion of civil and environmental initiatives. Industrial Permitting (Air, Water & Land) and compliance, AERs, SPCC, SWPP and Facility Response Plan development and compliance monitoring. Adept at monitoring field work at sites to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures, health and safety requirements, and other government regulations. Skilled at handling Safety and Environmental compliance inspections, and evaluating risks. Expertise also include field supervision, environmental site assessments, sampling, data analysis and presentation, risk-based closures, remediation, cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials, contract negotiation, scheduling, reporting, and full life-cycle project management. Dedicated to developing and leveraging relationships with contractors, clients, and regulators to ensure projects are consistently completed on time, within budget, and beyond expectations.

Tim Elmore – Project Manager
Tim studied at Northern Illinois University in the area of Hydrogeology and Geophysics and has worked within the environmental industry for over 10 years and his duties include the development and implementation of groundwater monitoring and site investigation projects.  He is well-versed in the Illinois LUST Fund program, including underground storage tank assessments and remediation, site assessments, corrective action plans and site closures. Tim has successfully completed the 40 hour OSHA hazardous material/waste site operations and the required 8 hour refresher course.


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